TRT launches free online government stimulus calculator

TRT Announces Launch Of Its Free Government Stimulus Calculator

TRT (Tidd Ross Limited) has created a new way for construction companies and personnel to calculate exactly the figure that they will be expected to pay after new stimuluses have been established nationwide. 

The Australian and NZ company has set about creating a free way for people to understand their obligations and benefits when purchasing new assets under the new law that has been recently introduced. The simple calculator makes it easy for people to work out if they should buy or hire a crane for their next project. 

TRT has created a free online stimulus savings calculator to calculate the tax deductions available to eligible Australian businesses planning to purchase assets under the Australian Federal Government’s Business Stimulus Packages, which were released in late March 2020 as part of the COVID-19 recovery bundle.

“As a manufacturer of innovative, high quality assets including the TIDD Crane and heavy haulage trailers, TRT wanted to make it easier for customers to clearly understand the benefits available, so we created a free no obligation online tax savings calculator. We like to lead innovation in our industry and we see this calculator as a part of that leadership.” Says Bruce Carden, TRT’s Director of Sales and Innovation.

Carden explains, “The calculator is simple to use. It requires some basic information that most will know, including the assets value, date of purchase, and company tax rate. It then automatically calculates the stimulus package you qualify for and how much you can save – of course we’re not accountants so we highly recommend seeking financial advice before making any commitments”.

He continues, “The one thing we can be certain of is that there is continued and expanding Government investment in infrastructure and construction on both sides of the Tasman”, says Carden.

Companies intending to buy assets in 2020 and 2021 have two alternatives under the stimulus plan. Companies who buy new or old assets for less than AUD150,000 before 30 June 2020 can claim 100 percent depreciation under the IAWO – Instant Asset Write Off. Customers can write off 50 percent of all new asset purchases exceeding AUD30,000 under the BBI – Backing Business Investment programme until June 30, 2021.

TRT understands the significant pressures that our customers and businesses in Australia and New Zealand are facing. Not only have we invested in developing this calculator, but TRT has also built a variety of large assistance packages that work in tandem with the government stimulus to help firms manage cash flow and make wise decisions for the future, especially in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.

Carden also goes on to say: “As a local manufacturer that is highly committed to our customers and industry, we have a lot of flexibility and control through the production process, so we wanted to proactively support future growth in our industry. The TRT support packages sit alongside the Government Stimulus, so together they provide huge benefits around cash flow and business commitments. Ultimately, helping businesses navigate the COVID-19 recovery with real peace of mind”.

 “We want our customers to think ahead, and to be ahead of the competition, as things ramp back up. Because they have supported us for more than 20 years in Australia, we want to do what we can to support them too. By unlocking these deals, it also means that a TRT manufactured asset, like a Low Loader or a TIDD Crane can provide a real return before it’s paid for – and that’s just smart business”.

6-month payment holidays, extended warranty, deposit and delivery schedule flexibility, and free service assistance are all included in TRT’s asset support packages. 

To take a look at what you can potentially save on your new or used cranes head on over to the TRT website to have a look at their calculator and what financial help they have on offer:

About TRT

Tidd Ross Todd Ltd (TRT) is a privately-owned, family business, specialising in the design, manufacturing, and engineering of large specialty trailers, truck and trailer parts, truck and trailer mechanical service and repair, crane sales and service, trailer sales and heavy transport and equipment design and manufacture.

TRT are the distributors for Manitowoc and Kobelco Crawler Cranes, and have the longest operating Grove crane dealership in the world.

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