Choosing The Right Seat For Your Truck

A tough reality in the trucking profession is the requirement to be sedentary for the majority of time spent on the job. The average trucker works either 60 hours over the course of seven days or 70 hours over the course of eight days. While drivers cannot work more than 14 hours straight, 11 of those hours can be spent driving—resulting in well over 40 hours a week sitting behind the wheel.  

Variables to consider in a replacement seat

Semi-truck seats are “suspension seats”: they move up and down to help quell impacts from bumps. A scissor-type mechanism in the frame makes that allowance, with excess movement dampened by a built-in shock absorber. Most OEM seats are manufactured with the minimum: low seatbacks, narrow cushions, vinyl upholstery, and little adjustability. None of this is great for comfort or support over the long haul. However, the aftermarket offers a variety of upgraded seats which can improve on all these factors.

Keep these factors in mind when making your selection:

  • Cab height: The truck cab’s height is an important deciding factor. A taller space equals more choice. If the space is there, a taller seat frame gives you the advantage of more vertical seat travel. Ample headroom also means more room for a high-back seat. Both of these give the driver greater comfort and support.
  • Cushion firmness: Some people wrongly presume that soft and plush equals greater comfort, but that softness will not provide adequate support in the long-term. Firmer cushions are still comfortable and are more supportive to a driver who remains in the same seated position for long stretches of time.
  • Isolators cure rocking: Isolators control back-and-forth movement, or rocking, when the truck is accelerating and braking. Isolators are mounted in the seat base, and typically include a lock-out lever if the driver wishes to temporarily disable this function under certain driving conditions.
  • Even more options: One obvious choice is different upholstery material (cloth, vinyl, leather), depending on your preference and budget. Depending on seat model, you might also be able to choose among additional comfort options like more extensive tilt and recline angles, seat heaters, massagers, larger or tilting headrests, and adjustable lumbar support.

Whatever seat you choose, keep in mind that the driver’s comfort, support, and safety are vital. Keeping drivers alert and injury-free keeps them happy and productive while also reducing expense worries. A good aftermarket semi-truck driver’s seat is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

TRT has a range of quality on-highway truck seats, from leading quality international suspension seat brands.

TRT Seats and Truck Services NZ

TRT has a range of quality seats for most commercial and industrial applications and we will have a set that suits your operation. The team at TRT are able to help you in selecting the ideal seat, from comfort to performance.

Have a look at their specifications, features, drawings, parts, repairs and refurbishments for driver and operator seating, to suit light meduim and heavy trucks, bus, LCV,  machinery, construction equipment, agriculture, marine and our specialist 24/7 control room and office chairs. The company also have a range of APVS seat belts and heavy-duty seat covers.

Most of the seats are easily installed, you can either get TRT to install it themselves or your own installers with certified adaptor plates. With same day shipping and warehouses across New Zealand, the seats are easily accessible for nearly every location in New Zealand. 

Repair and Refurbishment

TRT know that truck drivers often have the same trusty seat that’s been used for years. If you are one of those drivers, you may opt to take yours in for repair and restoration. TRT manages everything from old to new, they are able to bring your old equipment back to life looking brand new. 

The Right Seat For The Job

TRT has seating solutions for a range of applications.

Selecting the right seat is critical for most, there are significant benefits that include 

  • reduced fatigue symptoms
  • body support 
  • comfort 
  • suspension to protect from jarring movements – land and sea!

When you are able to improve your seat, you can improve productivity, whether you are in a larger or smaller truck, TRT provides solutions for all applications spanning between longer and shorter hauls. TRT has a host of trained experts that are able to help determine the best seat for your operation.

TRT provides adapter plates that can make sure any of their selected seats fit right onto your truck.

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