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Light duty again drives July numbers but heavy duty no slouch either

Commercial vehicle sales continue to defy turbulent times in Australia and threaten historical records, Truck Industry Council (TIC) T-Mark figures reveal.

In an Olympic month it’s hard to avoid sporting idioms, with July’s 3,296 monthly and 23,216 year-to-date (YTD) sales neck and neck with the pace set in 2018 (3,344/23,314) and ahead of 2019 levels (3,194/22,083).

Individually, perennial gold medallist Isuzu recorded 756/5,524 sales, slightly less than 838/5,557 in 2018, while Hino maintains its strong market share – 464/3,667 compared with 2018’s 465/3,125.

Fuso, third overall with 398/2,577, drops slightly on the same period (421/2,449).


Another four-figure month for heavy vehicles (1,021/6,811) is impressive but not quite enough to make up ground on 2018 (1,088/7,908).

Kenworth tightens its grip here, well above Volvo: 211/1414 against 162/880.

While neither quite match 2018 levels (218/1,551 for Kenworth and 172/1,181 Volvo), the latter’s monthly improvement on June’s 147 may signal the start of an upswing in the second half.

Scania, meanwhile, cracks another ton (102/678) to take it to third spot for the month, with its numbers a huge improvement on three years ago (63/518).

Further down, Isuzu’s momentum slips (97/727 vs 152/1,020), with Mercedes-Benz (96/692 vs 103/663) easing slightly but still above 2018.

In mid-table, DAF and UD enjoy an uptick in fortunes.

UD’s 59 in July gives it YTD 288 sales, now surpassing 39/279 three years ago.

DAF, just behind UD for the month on 56 but ahead for the year on 295, is also trending upwards (30/237).


Where the medium-duty sector had been a hotbed of activity back then and leading up to now, July sees a slight breather with 534/4,071 sales against 626/4,710 in 2018.

Isuzu, notching up 210/1,546, fends off Hino’s challenge (168/1,417).

However, the gap of just over 100 is much closer now than it was then, with Isuzu nearly 600 units ahead 247/1,848 against 182/1,274 this time in 2018.

Fuso also sees improvement, with 107/800 taking it to exactly 100 units ahead of 2018 (100/700).

Elsewhere, a solid month for UD sees 25 sales comprise nearly a third of its 88 YTD.


The light vehicle sector continues to move in leaps and bounds, with 1,202/8,072 widening the gap on 1,195/7,216 in 2018.

It’s likely records will tumble here come the end of the year.

Segment leaders Isuzu and Hino cement their status, with the former’s 449/3,251 maintaining a massive gap on 2018 (439/2,689), while Hino (264/1,902) grows its market share here (238/1523).

Fuso, which actually pipped second spot in 2018 with 257/1,439, remains fairly consistent three years later (252/1,458).