Parts company TRT will shortly undergo a rebrand

TRT Announces Its Decision To Refresh Brand

In September 2021, Truck and Crane company TRT announced its plans to rebrand their company. TRT will make a change to their existing tagline and logo: “TRT, for the long haul” to “TRT, Made Possible”. This is a reflection of the innovation that had stood the test of time in New Zealand since 1967.

This brand refresh is a major milestone for TRT, as the company continues its expansion within the transport and infrastructure sectors on both sides of the Tasman and progress into international markets.

Bruce Carden, TRT’s Director of Sales and Innovation explains, “At the heart of our rebranding is our potential to problem solve. The new bold logo and the “Made Possible” promise are rooted in the company’s values, DNA, and commitment to finding solutions to solve problems for customers. TRT’s innovative focus is undeniable. Our story is driven from our competitive refusal to be beaten by the unsolvable.”

Robert Carden, TRT’s Technical Director adds, “No solution to challenging problems is ever easy, but easy isn’t the reason we wake up and do what we do every day. It’s a key ingredient to our success to date and we are taking this opportunity to evolve our brand to better communicate what we represent.”

He continues, “We have always put people first at TRT. We aim to provide an environment that allows people to reach their potential and to make things possible for our customers.”

TRT has a long history of overcoming complex engineering problems. Examples include the TIDD Pick and Carry Crane, ESS Heavy Transport Trailers, OEM distribution agreements, and its extensive parts support network.

The development of the TIDD Pick and Carry Crane embodies the ethos of “TRT Made Possible”. In 2011 TRT began designing and manufacturing the world’s safest Pick and Carry Crane. The learnings and successes from this journey lead to the development of the TIDD PC28, launching to the market in May 2019.

Founder of TRT Dave Carden
Founder of TRT Dave Carden

Dave Carden founded TRT in 1967 and it’s his legacy we’ve tried to build on over the years and now the brand refresh better represents that. Bruce Carden continues, “The brand statement “for the long haul” was built on commitment, design excellence, longevity and trust – that’s what’s kept TRT in business for more than 54 years and we will continue to focus on our relationships with customers and fit for purpose, bumper to bumper solutions, that are made to last.”

“TRT has four very specific team values that will focus our efforts for customers – Outthink, Outserve, Own It, and Open Minds. TRT’s future-focused plan means embracing changes, and continuously improving to make things possible.”

“There are moments in a business when the time is right to reevaluate your trajectory, and plan for growth. For TRT, now is that time.” He concludes.

About TRT

Tidd Ross Todd Ltd (TRT) is a privately-owned, family business, specialising in the design, manufacturing, and engineering of large specialty trailers, truck and trailer parts, truck and trailer mechanical service and repair, crane sales and service, trailer sales and heavy transport and equipment design and manufacture.

TRT are the distributors for Manitowoc and Kobelco Crawler Cranes, and have the longest operating Grove crane dealership in the world.

TRT provide 24/7 parts support nationwide from their bases in AucklandHamilton and Christchurch.